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Privacy Policy

Nitta Textile Arts Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “the company”) defines its privacy policy as the following, and thereby establishes the framework for personal information protection, which shall be promoted and observed through thorough recognition of its importance and continuous effort to protect it, made by all of the company’s employees.

Personal Information Management

The company takes the necessary safety measures, including but not limited to maintenance of security system, establishment of management system and thorough employee education, in order to enforce strict management of all personal information acquired from customers, retain them in accurate and up-to-date condition, and prevent such information from being exposed to risks such as unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification and divulgence.

Usage Objectives for Personal Information

Personal information acquired from customers shall be used for the purpose of sending emails and reference material to communicate information, business schedule news, and responses to inquiries made by customers.

Prohibition of Disclosing/Providing Personal Information to a Third Party

The company shall appropriately manage all personal information acquired from its customers, and shall never disclose such information, with the exception of the following circumstances:

・When the relevant customer approves the disclosure of their information.
・When disclosure of such information to a cosigned business becomes necessary in order to provide the service requested by the relevant customer.
・When disclosure becomes necessary in order to comply with laws and ordinances.

Personal Information Safety Measure

The company takes all possible security measures available to maintain the accuracy and safety of personal information.

Identity Verification

When a customer requests verification, correction and deletion of their personal information, the company shall provide such service upon verification of the identity of said customer.

Compliance and Review of Laws, Regulations and Norms

The company shall observe laws, regulations and norms applied in Japan regarding personal information held, appropriately review the content of said privacy policy and strive to improve it.


For inquiry regarding the handling of personal information, please contact us at the address below.

Nitta Textile Industries, Ltd
2 Chome-3-36 Matsugasaki Yonezawa-shi
Yamagata-ken 992-0053,Japan
Telephone:+81 238 23 7717
Facsimile:+81 238 23 7727
mailto: nitta@ms3.omn.ne.jp

Trademark Registration

Registration Number 2434621
Registration Number 1350780

Notation based on the Specified
Commercial Transaction Act

Trade Name Nitta Textile Arts Inc.
President and CEO Gentaro Nitta
Foundation 1884
Address 2 Chome-3-36 Matsugasaki Yonezawa-shi
Yamagata-ken 992-0053,Japan
TEL 0238(23)7717・7718
FAX 0238(23)7727
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