Montagna di Nitta

Nitta Fabrics

Things of beauty that accompany our daily lives.
Things that are made through kindness.
Things that we hope to pass on to future generations.
With great care, these are the things that we make.

Yonezawa Nitta is proud to introduce our new fabric brand.

Yonezawa-ori (Yonezawa woven fabric) is closely related to the fashion culture of Europe.
Out of the fondness we feel towards the beautiful sounds of the language, we gave our new brand an Italian name, Montagna di Nitta – “Mountains of Nitta.” In addition to the Italian spirit of respecting inherited culture and traditions, the Italian people have a friendly cheerfulness. The name is also influenced by the mountains that surround Yamagata. Each season, we are provided with different impressions of nature – each breathtaking in its own way.

This new line of fabric products differs from our more conventional line of kimono and obi belts. However, like everything else we make, these new products are designed to add beauty to our daily lives. These are things made through kindness, things we wish to pass on to the next generation, things made with great respect and care.
We hope that our products will bring warmth and richness to the hearts of those who hold them in their hands.

Conventional narrow-breadth handloom

New wide-breadth handloom

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As a part of the contemporary ‘Japanese Interiors’ movement, we create new fabric forms to fit a variety of situations.


We take orders for souvenirs, wedding gifts, and for any other occasions. Please feel free to contact us.


Wishing to make someone happy.
Wishing to surprise the whole world.
As our ancestors have been saying for generations,
“You’ll never know unless you try.”
Wishing to improve on the potential of woven fabrics.
And wishing to make the world more beautiful.
Gathered here at ‘Yonezawa Nitta’ are a team of staff members with a lot of true individuality.
Everyone here strives to make something more interesting and beautiful, and something that carries on the spirit of Nitta. Everyone strives to make as many people happy as possible.