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Benizara -Organic Lip color- sold out

Benizara -Organic Lip color- sold out

This season's sale of〝BENI″ has ended.
This is 〝BENI″which has been liked as the color of the lips of women since ancient Japan.
〝BENI″is the name of the shade of red color in which the pigment of safflower was made.

Price ¥6,600
Material Benibana(pigment of safflower),pottery dish
Size Φ:6cm D:3cm
Notes The red pigment of "red tray" made from safflower has the property of dissolving in water. Lightly wet the tip of the brush, lightly attach the brush tip to the red dish and apply it to the lips. You can create shades by adjusting the water used for brush, you can enjoy various colors such as pink, rose, crimson with bluish taste. It develops color in a small amount. Please use a little by little. It can be used for about half a year to one year with one red dish.

sold out

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